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What creates a good logo?

A. A good “FREE” logo maker

B. Paying a big company millions of dollars to conduct a study.

C. Good typography, A cool symbol, good use of colors, and simplicity

The correct answer is “C”, A good logo should represent your company in a positive way, be memorable, simple and easy to recognize. If you use a symbol, it should be something recognizable and identifiable with your company or the type of business your company does.

Simplicity helps your audience remember your logo and identify it easier than complex designs. It’s hard to make out the details when you view it from far away. Using a good font also make your logo easy to see and readable.

Choosing the colors for your logo is one of the most important design elements. When you think about drinking a coca cola you automatically see the red color, or when you see something yellow BestBuy comes to mind.

Using multiple colors helps bring out personality, think about Google or the Olympics. Different cultures interprete colors differently, it’s important to give the right impression, don’t over use colors. See example: CIA